Version 1.0 released

Today, after 1.5 years of beta phase and lots of development, we released version 1.0 of impulse. Beside improving this stable release, we will continue integrating new feature into version 1.1 (beta/ un-stable) heading to the next stable release of 1.2 in Q1 2015.

Pan for Release 1.1/1.2


Charts will be on key point of the next releases. Its allready possible to extract user specific informations out of wave using java script. With the new charts, these informations can be presented more user friendly and more impressive.

New diagrams

There wil be 2 new digrams added in release 1.1/1.2:

  • Gant (e.g. to display state changes and interactions)
  • Area (e.g. to display load informations of a processor)

Together with the gant chart, impulse will add support for relation markers painted as lines and arrows between signals at specified locations.

Printing support

Version 1.2 shall enable printing of waves and viewer informations (value table ..).