impulse Newletter 08.2015

We're happy to announce the preview release of impulse 1.4. In this product cycle we put main focus on usability and consistency. A lot of improvements make using impulse even more fun!
Installing it is as easy as installing the default version (see below). Within the beta phase, you can use all features of impulse  without an extended license.

New in impulse 1.4


Timing Diagrams

Association, formerly known from gantt diagrams, have been enabled together with logic, event and vector diagrams. Users now can define timing diagrams from inside their readers or scripts.

Serializer Configurations

Allows to define and select configurations for internal or custom serializers (e.g. select different configurations for a log reader).

Configuration Templates

Templates let you re-use configuration pattern and settings.
You can insert templates manually (by using the context menu) or automatically when moving signals into your configuration.

Completion Proposals

Editing scripts for signal productions, recJs scripts or search definitions is now a bit easier.
Completion proposal will try to guide you into the right direction with possible options instead of reading java docs.

Value Table improvements

  • Quick Filter lets you extract samples of multiple signals.
  • Multiple Value Tables (up to 4)
  • Show In command lets you putting your signal data in any Value Table.
  • Show in Text Editor commands lets you sync with a source text editor (e.g. log files)
  • Inspect Dialog
  • Find Dialog

Inspection Hover improvements

Improved presentation of long text, binary data (hex/ascii table)  and images. Inspection hovers can be made sticky and moved on the screen.

Other improvements

  • Improved interaction with CDT plug-ins.
  • Extended wallet editor

Extensions for integrator and extenders

Custom Productions

Instead of using signal scripts, you can now define and code your own productions in java or native code, e.g. a specific filter or a statistical operation.

Install Impulse beta 1.4

To install impulse 1.4 (1.3) and to  join the beta program, just use the following upload address:  http://update.toem.de/1.3