impulse Newletter 09.2015


impulse 1.4 is out !

We're happy to announce the 1.4 release of impulse. impulse 1.4 has lot of improvements that will  help engineers to better understand and debug complex semiconductor and multi-core software systems.

Now that impulse 1,4 is out, our focus will get shortly to impulse 1.6 preparation. We would be happy to get your inputs.


Logging & Tracing

impulse contains a rich set of tools and mechanisms to make complex systems visible and transparent. But there are not always easy to understand and utilize. This series of article shall give hints and ideas how to improve your systems visibility and how to dig into.

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Templates simplify the re-use of configuration elements. A template may contain simple defaults like that all float signal shall be painted red. But they can also contain a rich set of elements containing multiple scripts and folders.
Templates can be used in two ways: 1.  Explicitly select and add them using the context menu or 2. Implicitly let the system select, if you drag&drop a signal into the configuration tree.

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Eclipse, MATLAB and impulse

MATLAB is a great tool for for numerical computing and is widely used in academic institutions and industries. In the eclipse area you already find quite good support (Matclipse). This article shows how to get MATLAB data into impulse.

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Evaluate the extended features of impulse 1.4

Use the evaluation key below to get an impression of the extended features of impulse. Use Charts, Area-, Timing-  and Gantt diagrams or try out the Diff viewer.
( the key is valid for 2 month)


impulse 1.6 ?

After impulse 1.4 is out, we're keen to get away from testing and back to development again.
Our plans are:
  • Port synchronisation
  • Configuration references in scripts
  • Relation marker
  • Documentation hover for scripts
  • CSV and FSDB reader
  • Output ports
  • and ???
If you have any ideas for new features and improvements, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !