09 Preferences

Impulse preferences are stored within the eclipse preference store. There are preferences pages for viewer configurations, ports and serializers.

Where to find preferences and how to manage them?

You can find the preference editor if you click the button window in the menu in the upper left corner. If you click preferences a window will open. On the left side you can find the different aspects you can manage. If you click on Impulse you can choose between configurations, ports and serializers and manage them.


Manages all the viewer configurations. You can see all the configurations available with the preferences editor. Furthermore you can delete, copy, edit, change their place within the list to find them easier and you can enable and disable configurations. If you disable a configuration it will not be used any longer but are still available in the system.


Ports connect hardware producing signal data with the program. The editor window for ports is similar to the one used for configurations.


In the serializer window you find different formats for the data and can configure them within the preferences editor. If you click on a serializer a dialogue opens with which you can change specific settings about the serializer.


Let you define, modify and extend different type of charts. Use Add to create a new chart and double-click on it to edit.


In the license window you inspect the current licensing state or enter a new license key.

Import and export of preferences

If you want to deploy or re-use already existing configurations for Impulse you need to export or import them into the program. To achieve this you have to create an Impulse wallet. You can do so if you open the preferences editor and chose Create a new wallet. You now have to chose the name and place where it should be opened and then you get the wallet editor.

On the left side you can manage the wallet and on the right side you can manage the preferences using the tabs for viewer configurations, ports and serializer. You can move and copy the elements within the wallet editor. If you copy the element you want to import/export into the wallet you can import/export them wherever you want.

You can copy the elements with copy and paste and drag and drop. You can not only move specific elements to your wallet, but can also manage them within the wallet editor if you decide that further changes are needed.

In the lower right corner you can find the Store and Reset button. If you copied elements from the wallet into the preferences store you can store them or reset them if you decide you do not need them.